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By enrolling in Isuzu’s Priority Service Maintenance Program, you’ll enhance your operating efficiency and help control your cost of ownership. By financing the cost of the Program, you’ll gain financial predictability by having a fixed payment for a lease or finance term that you choose. In addition, as a Priority Service Maintenance Program customer, your vehicle will be entered into Isuzu’s maintenance system and receive service priority at your local dealership and reciprocal service centers nationwide.


The Isuzu Quality Service Maintenance Program is a comprehensive maintenance scheule that locks in and secure customers costs for three to six years. This enables you to focus on your business. You gain financial predicability and reliability by having an authorized Isuzu dealer service your vehicles with Isuzu-trained technicians using the latest state of the art diagnostic tools.

Scheduled preventive maintenance will increase your operating efficiency, and maximize your fuel economy. At each service interval, Deland Truck Center can run a report showing the fuel usage, idle time, driving history and much more. Your vehicle will be entered into our Isuzu Maintenance Program.

A strong component of the Isuzu Priority Service Maintenance Program is matched up with the term of your program.


Isuzu’s Priority Service Maintenance Program covers the following scheduled maintenance services


Every 10,000 miles (for diesel models) or 7500 miles (for gas models)- Complete vehicle inspection plus engine oil and filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, chassis, cab, powertrain and rear body inspection/lubricant, diagnostic report, tire rotation, all fluids topped off, brake wear inspection.


Every 50,000 miles (for diesel models) or 37,500 miles (for gas models)- All istems included in “A” service plus valve lash adjustment (diesel only), engine coolant replacement, transmission fluid and filter replacement, torque specific chassis, steering and suspension fasteners,

windshield wiper blades, clean air conditioning filters, differntial fluid level inspection.

“C” SERVICE: Every 100,000 miles (for diesel models) or 75,000 miles (for gas models)- All items included in “A” and “B” serviceplus replace engine drive belts, replace radiator hoses, power steering fluid, brake system fluid, differential fluid, DPF cleaning on vehicle (diesel only), replace spark plugs and ignition wires (gas only).


Brakes: Perform the selected number of brake repairs during program term. Front brake service covers front brake pad replacement, front brake rotor maching and front brake rotor replacement. Rear brake service covers rear brake lining replacement, rear brake drum machingingand rear brake drum replacement.

Tires: Replace pre-selected number of tires during program term.

Rental Trucks: National rental program for short-term and seasonal demand.

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